Individual & Group Skills

 Skills training allows players an opportunity to get into the gym outside of practices, academies and boot camps to work on their game. These sessions are more individually focused and our coaches will work with the player(s) on areas of weakness that are holding them back as an individual player. We strongly encourage players at all levels to train with our coaching staff if they have available time outside of their team and school schedules. Players that do not participate with the PHH program are welcome to contact us regarding training opportunities. 


  • 1 kid – $80/hr ($100 nonmember)
  • 2 kid grp – $60/hr each ($80 non)
  • 3 kid grp – $50/hr each ($70 non)
  • 4-6 kid grp – $40/hr each ($60 non)
    • ALL workouts are scheduled for 1 hour in length


 Ball handling, shooting, passing, offensive attack techniques, off the ball techniques, on ball defensive techniques, off the ball defensive techniques, position specific concepts, increasing your pace, changing pace, creating space, getting open and establishing a mindset that will take your player to the next level.